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VisionÉire is a platform for the visual artists 

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Highlighting the work of the Poets, Storytellers, & Spoken Word Artists

Music and Song play a key role to our community

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VisionÉire is a collaborative platform for creatives and like-minds with the intention to bring together and showcase the work of the new wave of Irish visionaries, seers, artists, musicians, poets & storytellers here in Éire and abroad. VisionÉire is the seed of the songs of our ancestors, of what was and what has yet to come. It is a recognition of this seed in every artistic expression born of this land through its people wherever they may be across the globe. VisionÉire is a community space where the people come together to sew the seeds of their creative expression on the fertile soil of this land to see it grow. This a collaborative space that represents the single thread of Imbas that weaves through every heart - a vision of the infinite tapestry it creates. It is a collaboration between the hearts and minds of many to see a new earth form.


An artists community space & platform for showcasing the work Irish art/artists


The platform is intended to generate more focus on the work for the artists of Éire, that is, anyone who feels connected to this land, to join up with the many other projects happening that aim to bring positive change to our land and its people.


There will be both online and physical aspects to this community space. A website that showcases each artist through a profile, allowing them to find each other, network, and collaborate. Profiles of collaborators, organisers, and contributors whom all share common goals and core ethos of working together to create a better world through, connection, cooperation, creativity, and oneness. 


The physical aspect of this community platform comes in the form of events, gatherings, community work, and land projects. VisionÉire aims not only to host its own standalone artist events but to collaborate with the many other events, festivals, businesses, and organisations happening in Ireland and abroad with the intention of putting Irish visionary art at the forefront of this movement to meet up with the many visionary movements happening worldwide.



VisionÉire is an all-inclusive community that recognizes and promotes the work and practices of all people regardless of there race, gender, spiritual or religious background, sexual orientation, age, social group, or ethnicity.

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BRIGID 1500 2024

VisionÉire was delighted to showcase the work of 10 different artists at Fuinneamh Festival in Co. Louth on the weekend of 16th - 19th of September. 

VisionÉire was delighted to showcase the work of 12 different artists at Hidden Hearth Festival in Co. Carlow on the weekend of 14th & 15th of October. 

VisionÉire was delighted to bring together a group of artists, poets, storytellers and musicians to showcase in a pop-up style eexhibition in Celbridge, Co. Kildare for the Brigid 1500 Festival 2024


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